Every year thousands of electronic devices from corporations in Switzerland are becoming obsolete and need to be replaced by newer ones. Unfortunately, the majority of the fully functioning devices are either thrown away or recycled, without being used again before the end of their life cycle.
On the other hand, many non-profit organisations are in need of such devices for their projects or operations but they might not always have connections to companies with spare devices that could be recuperated. The Re-Use programme aims to match the corporate donors and the non-profit organisations in order to increase awareness about e-waste and reduce them.

Childcare for Careers

Childcare for Careers intends to improve gender diversity at executive-level by removing a cause for women leaving careers: expensive childcare.


Geneva Shapers support young social entrepreneurs and start-up’s with their initiatives by providing and facilitating mentoring. We engage with the emerging initiatives and help them connect with the right people to build solutions for a better city. The Geneva Impact Hub and Fongit, the Geneva Technology Incubator, are some examples where we offer mentoring to their members and affiliates. In collaboration with such local incubators, we act as an enabler in the Geneva start-up scene.

Meet the Leaders

Regularly, the Geneva Hub meets with people who are Leaders in their respective field. Our aim is to be inspired by these Leaders, learn from their experiences, engage with them or their network to leverage ourselves and our projects.

Geneva Welcome Team

Welcoming all the Shapers coming to Geneva from all over the world, organizing events and activities to make them feel at home, and at the same time involving our local Shapers and Community. Creating strong teams is the first step to change the world.